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Site Work

  • Engineering/Design
  • Sitework
  • Welding Plastic

Electrofusion Socket Welding of PE pipe.

Our staff have extensive industrial, commercial and civil construction site experience and are Site Safe certified. APD Ltd has a comprehensive Occupational Safety & Health Plan to spare you OSH concerns when having contractors on your site.

We undertake a wide range of site work including –

  • Installation of bonded concrete liners.
  • Plastic pipe installation including PE, PP, ABS, PVC and PVDF using butt fusion, socket fusion, electro fusion and solvent cement joining.
  • Installation of all types of plastic and GRP tanks.
  • Tank liner installation.
  • Fume extraction systems installation including hoods, ducting, fans and scrubbers.
  • Fume cupboard installation.
  • Maintenance, inspection, repair and modification of plastic and GRP tanks etc.