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  • Engineering/Design
  • Sitework
  • Welding Plastic

As professionally qualified Chemical and Materials Engineers, we design cost effective durable equipment to your requirements.

Our design standards include DVS 2205, BS EN 12573 and BS EN 1778 for Plastic Design, Fabrication and Welding, BS 4994 and AS2634 for fibreglass and dual laminate, AS/NZS 2243 fume cupboards, AS/NZS 2032-3 pipework, SMACNA for ducting and our ERMA Code of Practice for Hazardous Substance Tanks.

The DVS (German Welding Society) 2205 and BS EN 12573 & 1778 Standards are the only comprehensive set of standards for plastic design, fabrication and welding. They have been widely adopted throughout the world, as a well researched and practical code for plastic welding and fabrication. Used in conjunction with proprietary software and our extensive experience, we can ensure our designs are cost effective, durable and safe.

Quality and Safety Certifications

In addition to our highly experienced and capable Designers and Fabricators, we also hold:

Stationary Containers System Design Test Certificate
Stationary Container Fabricator Test Certificate
ERMA (now EPA) approved Code of Practice HSNOCOP 4-2
To ensure our team can work safely and effectively, our Fabricators hold current certificates for:

  • Confined Space.
  • Safety at Height.
  • Forklift Operation.
  • Permit Receivers.
  • Site Safe.
  • Fonterra Wintec.