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Who are APD?

Our Purpose

Revolutionising Water Management Solutions for the New Zealand environment.

Our Values

The culture and values by which we conduct our business are described as the Pillars of APD. Our pillars are;

At APD we strive to provide our customers a service that is second to none. We are known to be solution providers that design and engineer products that meet the customers exact requirements, saving time and hassles on projects.

At the core of APD’s success is its people. From the directors down, our focus is to ensure the culture at APD is one of inclusiveness and caring for all our staff. We are proud of being a multi-cultural and equal opportunities employer and enjoy the diversity that it brings.

At APD we like to ensure our staff enjoy their work and working with us at APD. From our regular BBQ briefings, events or the company sponsored birthday shouts, we like to recognise milestones and achievements with our colleagues.