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Chemical Storage Tanks

At APD we are specialists in manufacturing and supplying Chemical Storage Tanks made out of tough plastic, designed to meet the strict requirements of ERMA and the Australian authorities. The tanks are tested by HSNO and will handle most products manufactured by chemical supply companies such as acids, alkaline, cleaning products and others. Please check with our APD Sales Team before purchase.

Hazsure Plain Storage Tanks and Chemical Storage Tanks & Bunds

We provide HazSure Level Containers & Bunds for acid, abrasive and other hazardous chemicals storage to Councils, Regional Authorities and leading companies throughout New Zealand and Australia. If you would like to see some references, please feel free to consult us.

To guarantee we satisfy all HSNO and ERMA needs, we have engaged SKM as Consultant Designers for seismic and general layout. Our containers, including all their fittings, bolts and seismic restraints, are made from non wearing away plastics, making sure a long-term upkeep cost-free life.

All Hazardous Substance Tanks should be bunded and our Storage Tank Bunds are:

Hazsure Self Bunded Storage Tanks:

Security & Combining Tools

In addition to our range of Chemical Storage Tanks, we are able to supply handrails, ladder and cages, designed specifically to match our tanks. They are produced in steel and powder covered in a chemical resistant polylinathane for optimal defense. All our handrails, step ladders and cages are designed according to AS16574.

For applications where combining is called for, we can offer blenders and mixer bridges made to fit your requirements.

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