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Problems Connecting To The Sewage Due To Engineering Height Restrictions?

Problems with connections to council storm water or sewage pipes? Never fear APD is here to help. New article shows some of our well thought out, proven solutions.

Sewage connections can be a common issue faced during construction of new homes. The sewage and drain connections are often overlooked when budgeting for a new build and this can cause complexities when managing a tight budget. Luckily APD is around to provide developers and home owners with well thought out solutions to problems exactly like these.

The answer is a purpose built solution designed to meet the tough New Zealand climate and conditions.
This is true with their latest innovation designed to help people connect to council sewage systems when they are lower down than the connection.

How can I connect to the sewage in Auckland if I am below the road level?

At APD (Advanced Plastics and Designs) we have a lot of experience in the two critical factors that are required to connect to the storm water or sewage if gravity is not on your side. Connecting to a council sewage system can be challenging if you don’t have a bit of gravity on your side to take the waste away. We have built a solution for this called DnP Sewage Pumping Station.
The features of the DnP Sewage Pumping system is as follows:

Are these sewage pumping tanks easy to install?

At APD we put a lot of focus into making our products easy to use. Coupled with that our purpose built sewage tanks are easily installed and easy to transport.

If I am below the road will I have flooding problems if my tank is underground?

Not only do we have a easy installation system for ease of use, but we also have a solutions to stop any problems in the future. With our DnP Sewage Pumping Station there is no need to worry about your tank rising out of the ground in soggy conditions thanks to the DnP Anti Buoyancy foot that comes as standard with each tank. Our unique design eliminates the costly need for setting in concrete which will save you money. No odor or discharge odor control needed.
A financially and environmentally friendlier solution.

Does the tank and pump require maintenance?

Flexible Options, Straightforward Maintenance. The type of tank we use allows flexible installation options meaning you can choose the pump and controller to best suit your needs. Internal components are easy to remove including pump, level sensing systems & motor controls adding up to one of the easiest to service & maintain units on the market.

Is the tank an eyesore on my property?

Get the most out of your outdoor space. The tank lid is all that can be seen above ground so there are no ugly landmarks & you can use more of your garden area. At the same time the tanks are protected from damage from the elements.

More Information

Standard DnP Controller IP67 suitable for individual households

Manually Start/Stop pump
Alarm feedback system
Overload protection

Commercial DnP Controller
suitable for sites with multiple tanks

All standard controller features


Review status of multiple pumps on one site
Frequency and duration of tank uses
Control pump output allowing for times of higher and lower usage

DnP1200 Sewage Pumping Station

At the heart of our pumping station is the tough, ultra reliable progressive cavity grinder pump with high head capability, designed specifically for low pressure sewage systems

In combination with the tank design, level controls and ease of serviceability, our pump station translates into a powerful design to provide the highest levels of reliability and maintainability.

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