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Storm Water Detention Tanks Now Required In Auckland

Ever wondered why Auckland has such massive flooding problems and what you can do as a home owner to prevent this happening to you? Introducing New Zealand made Storm water Detention Tanks.

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge declared: ‘Water, water, everywhere,And all the boards did shrink; Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink.’

The verse echoed through my mind as I looked out of the airplane window to see vast oceans below. But then, when asking for some bottled water from the stewardess, I was brought very much back to reality when told the price was $5 for a 500ml bottle. This meant that the bottled water was actually more expensive than a cola and more startlingly, at least 10 x more than the fuel that was propelling us through the water filled clouds at that moment.

This brought very much to mind how valuable water actually is in our modern times of global change. In Auckland and New Zealand we are lucky that the rain water can be recycled and used in our homes. In the UK this is illegal. All what comes from the sky belongs to the Government. This makes the water even more valuable.

Instead of having that balance of rainfall which we experienced as children, it seems more common now to endure extended dry periods. These are then followed by flash storms of tropical proportions which deposit the entire month’s water in one downpour.

It is pretty much understood that the volume of water we receive from above is about the same as always, it just seems to fluctuate far more wildly now. This is very much more difficult to manage with existing storm water retention systems. Much more is lost to the sea as existing underground rainwater tanks cannot manage the deluge. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to simply bring it back when we face the periods of dry weather.

Rain water harvesting

For these reasons, now is very much the time to consider rainwater harvesting. It is no longer a matter of expecting water drainage and distribution systems to provide endless flows of clean water to your property. You really should be thinking of alternatives, and why not in these times, think of ones that are more organic and kind to our earth and our bodies. Rainwater Harvesting systems can capture the natural rain fall for later use. The storm water retention systems divert water from roofs or a matrix of pipes into underground rainwater tanks before they ever become contaminated by the earth or any chemicals placed there by the water companies.

Of course, there could be some natural contaminants from rooftops or even birds and insects but Rainwater Harvesting systems are developed to manage this effectively. Apart from the obvious benefits of having a reliable reserve of pure water in your own Underground rainwater tanks, there is also the benefit of reducing your utility bills by using the tap water for domestic purposes only such as cooking and drinking.

As more people install their own Rainwater Harvesting systems, the risk of flooding is reduced as more capacity is created to cope. Less water enters the drainage systems and the entire management process is compensated for the more erratic rainfall patterns we see from global change.

Will this reduce the cost of my bottled water on my return flight? I guess not but at least it puts a price on water that proves it is not just a given fact of life anymore. Make the smart move and contact one of the team at APD Ltd for your rainwater recycling tank and save time and money, plus live healthier.

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