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WasteWorx® Pressure Pumping Stations

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Discover the future of wastewater management with our latest Generation Pressure Sewer Chambers. Crafted from 100% recyclable Polyethylene in New Zealand, our eco-conscious design eliminates the need for concrete ballast, reducing embodied carbon. Featuring high head approved pumps and controllers, our system ensures pump protection and seamless communication with SCADA and the cloud.


  • Full commissioning included.
  • Chamber is 100% recyclable.
  • Anti-flotation ring built in, no need for concrete around base, reducing embodied carbon.
  • Manufactured to AS/NZ 4766:2020 and AS/NZ 1546.
  • Pre-delivery network design service available.
  • Connectivity to Scada networks available by demand.
  • State of the art controllers help protect the pump from burnout.
  • Maintenance service available, please contact APD for recommendations.


  • Oil-filled motor for optimal heat dissipation: This design minimises concerns about the pump overheating or breaking down due to extreme heat generation during extended-use applications.
  • Corrosion-resistant, powder coated epoxy finish.
  • Surface hardened shredder mechanism: This feature enables the pump to cut through challenging materials while also providing excellent corrosion protection.
  • 100% factory tested: Our factory-tested pumps ensure reliable performance in challenging applications with fewer concerns about mechanical failures.
  • Automatic thermal overload protection (1 Phase).
  • Cradle provides for freestanding installation.
  • RCM certification.
  • Approved by Watercare.

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