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HazSure® Chemical Storage

Chemical Storage Solutions

When you first see an APD HazSure® tank, you can tell straight away just how much more durable they are.

The New Zealand Health & Safety at Work Hazardous Substances regulations 2017 for storing chemicals are very strict, and HazSure® tanks more than cover these requirements, in their IBC bunds, storage tanks, and process tanks. Because they are fully customised, you’ll get exactly what you need, plus entire systems including ladders, cages, heaters, and insulation.

Pass the chemical storage test: For custom safety that lasts, call APD on (09) 263 7741.


HazSure® tanks are compliant with New Zealand Health & Safety at Work Hazardous Substances regulations 2017 and Australian requirements and are designed and built in accordance with the Thermoplastic Stationary Tanks Safe Work Instrument (SWI) 2017.

All HazSure® tanks all have a 25 year design life, which is 15 years longer than similar rotationally moulded tanks. They are also suitable for long term storage of most Class 5, 6, 8 and 9 Hazardous Substances – most acids, caustics, cleaners etc

Hazsure® tanks are HSNO test certified and a complete documentation set is provided with each tank ready to provide to your Test Certifier.

Very competitive priced when compared with stainless steel, GRP and even mild steel tanks with tank working volumes (capacity) up to 60,000 Litres. HazSure® tanks, including all their fittings, fasteners and seismic restraints, are made from non corroding plastics, ensuring a long term maintenance free life.

All Hazardous Substance Storage Tanks need to be located in a bunded area. APD designs and builds HSNO compliant bunds to suit all of our plain tanks, including rain covers to prevent water from filling up the bund. This is especially important for chemicals that react when exposed to water. Our bunds have the following advantages;

IBC Bunds

Our standard IBC bunds are seismically rated to IL2 for NZ conditions.

Ensure spill control and containment of hazardous chemical leaks with our IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) bunds, designed to meet all New Zealand HSNO and seismic requirements.

Strong and Long Lasting

Fabricated from a Polyethylene design, all of our IBC bunds have a maintenance and worry free 25 year design life and come with a 10 year guarantee.

Get the Right Solution for You

Choose from our single or double IBC bunds. All of our bunds can be supplied with rain covers. Our bunds are designed to be portable, so the IBCs can be moved with a fork hoist, allowing for quick and easy relocation as required.

Sophisticated Design That Keeps You Productive


Easy access to IBCs for less down time and a straight forward process to replace them, saving you time and money. We also have options to include taps and valves to increase ease of use.


All of our bunds are rust, leak, crack, and shock resistant. By using Polyethylene and applying our design expertise, your IBC bunds will stay stronger and last longer.

Looking For Something To Meet Your Specific Requirements?

Custom Design

We build to your exact specifications, if it is pipework, instrument panels, pump mounts or anything else you need. Let us design something to suit your needs.

Bund and Day Tank Options

Our single and double bund with day tank options allow for complete configuration to meet your needs. Both sizes can come complete with 50L and 100L day tanks to suit your needs. You may also need level monitoring and alarms, pump mounts and valving all set up to suit your process. This allows the IBC to be changed without affecting your processes or the risk of damaging your equipment.

Process Tank Solutions


Our PP, PVC and PVDF open topped rectangular tanks are prefered by many in the metal finishing industry. The majority of our Process Tanks consist of a solid polypropylene shell reinforced with steel. This construction is suitable for almost all metal finishing Process Tanks. Polypropylene is resistant to most corrosives, is tough and strong and welds easily.

Designed and constructed to the DVS 2205 and BS EN 12573 Engineering Standards, these tanks offer many years of trouble free operation and are more easily modified, or repaired, than more traditional styles of tank. Traditionally Dual Laminate Tanks have been used in the electroplating industry, but because of cost, Dual Laminate is now only used where a PVC, or PVDF liner is required for corrosion resistance, for example chromic or chromo-sulphuric acid tanks.

Custom Design

Products Include

Sandblasting Hoppers, Truck and Bin Liners, Degassing Towers, Cellphone Antenna Shrouds, Mining Slurry Tanks, Feed Hoppers, Boat/Pier Pontoons, Drip Trays, Scrubbers, Pump Housing, Machine Covers, Shields & Guards.

Boat & RV Water & Wastewater Tanks

Plastic offers significant advantages over metal for potable water, grey water and black water tanks. Plastic tanks do not corrode, they do not taint, do not “oil can” and are lighter than metal tanks of the same standard.

Size and shape are customised to maximise capacity and minimise waste space. Made from food grade polyethylene, APD water tanks are custom designed and built to your particular requirements and include baffles and threaded sockets for inlet, outlet and vent.

Venting & Ducting

Our range of fume extraction equipment includes hoods/extractors, ducting, covers, fans, mist eliminators, scrubbers and stacks for laboratories, metal finishing plants, chemical production and packaging and any other process that generates corrosive and/or toxic fumes. All fume extraction plant is custom designed and built for the particular situation. We can design and manufacture corrosion resistant fume extraction and scrubbing equipment for the control of air pollution both inside and outside your plant.

APD Ltd can provide round, square or rectangular Ducting to suit your HVAC application. We have recently completed a number of installations, especially for community swimming pool complexes

Pipe Work Plastic piping offers many advantages – chemical and corrosion resistant, light weight, ease and speed of installation. Applications include; chemical piping, CIP chemical systems, plant water, cooling water, potable water, ultra pure water and compressed air. We can advise, design, supply, install and test, the most suitable pipe system for particular situations.