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WasteWorx® Pumping Stations

Flexibility In Design For Storm Water, & Grey & Black Water Systems

Our latest generation wastewater pump chambers are the most versatile on the market. With versatile sizes and shapes for easy installation and providing anti-flotation, WasteWorx® pump chambers have versatile and adjustable lid options, come with versatile controllers to increase pump life expectations, and versatile quality pumps available for every specification.

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Do Not Flush These:

Remember – only human waste and toilet paper should be flushed down the toilet. Everything else, including things such as wipes, sanitary products, dental floss and nappies, and fat, oil and grease from cooking, should be put in the bin

APD offer a variety of pumps to best fit your application. Watch the below video to see the Zoeller 2702 grinder pump in action:

Commercial & Custom applications available

Looking for something a little different? APD offers customised solutions too, which may include large volumes and multiple / high spec pump options. APD’s tanks can be built to any size and by installing our commercial pump controllers you can accommodate complex requirements while staying in control of your building’s needs. If you are building a kindergarten, office space or large commercial or community building, APD has the ideal solution for your needs.

Standard APD Controller IP64

Suitable for individual households

Commercial APD Controller

Suitable for sites with multiple tanks

All standard controller features PLUS

Flexible Options, Straightforward Maintenance

The type of tank we use allows flexible installation options, meaning we can choose the pump and controller to best suit your needs. Internal components are easy to remove including pump, level sensing systems and motor controls. These components combined create one of the easiest to service and maintain units on the market, freeing you up to get back to focusing on what matters – enjoying your home.

Easy installation

With APD pump stations there is no need to worry about your tank rising out of the ground in soggy conditions thanks to the Anti Buoyancy foot that comes as standard with each tank. Our unique design is a financially and environmentally friendly solution, eliminating the costly need for setting in concrete.

Robust, Solid Design

Based on our time-proven underground detention tank designs, this robust tank has been designed using FEA analysis to comply with ARMACOP 15 load requirements for polyethylene underground storage tanks. The tank has a large capacity which reduces pump cycling and wear providing a much greater buffer in the case of power failures or other issues. APD’s design allows the maximum output of waste from the tank.

The tank lid is all that can be seen above ground so there are no ugly landmarks and you can utilise more of your garden area. At the same time the tanks are protected from damage from the elements.

WasteWorx® Pressure Pumping Stations

Discover the future of wastewater management with our latest Generation Pressure Sewer Chambers. Crafted from 100% recyclable Polyethylene in New Zealand, our eco-conscious design eliminates the need for concrete ballast, reducing embodied carbon. Featuring high head approved pumps and controllers, our system ensures pump protection and seamless communication with SCADA and the cloud.