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Trucked Waste Tank


An APD tank was specified for a 10,000 Litre Trucked Waste Tank to be installed at the Coromandel Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP). As the tank is used to store trucked waste some special modifications were required to on the tank.

A flanged, sealed and bolted lid was supplied for the man way access. To allow rapid access for truck discharge a 380mm diameter screw cap and base was fitted to the bolted on lid. A 400mm long, 90 mm O.D. pipe was welded to one end of the tank to allow the tank to be flushed as required.

APD ground anchors were specified to prevent the tank “floating” out of the ground if for some reason the tank was empty at a time coinciding with a high water table.

StormLite® matched pair Detention Tanks for Taupiri Development


The Taupiri Development Project required that Storm water Detention Tanks be installed to detain storm water draining from the carpark area, prior to controlled discharge to the local stream. The Detention Tank design agreed on, was to have two underground Detention Tanks joined together to create a combined volume of 16.5 cubic metres (16,500 Litres) of storm water detention.


The StormLite® Storm water Detention Tanks were manufactured by APD as a matched pair, with built in 250mm outer diameter spigots to allow easy connection of the tanks during installation by Comins Plumbing & Gas Ltd. The Storm water Detention Tanks were each 10.8metres long and easily handled on site during installation, by a small digger.

To cope with the potential storm water flow, a 250mm outer diameter inlet spigot was added. Holes were pre-cut for overflow and outlet pipes and a pre-drilled orifice cap was supplied to minimise installation time on site. Contact APD during the design phase of your next project to discuss your requirements.

StormLite® Detention Tank for Sunnynook Park Development


The Sunnynook Park Development project required the establishment of new toilet blocks adjacent to the carpark in Sunnynook Road, with rainwater being collected and then reused for flushing toilets in the new toilet block.


A 6150 Litre APD StormLite® storm water tank was selected and installed by Wiltek Maintenance Ltd to retain the storm water until required.

To meet site requirements, the Storm Water tank was manufactured by APD from polyethylene to the following dimensions: 1 metre diameter by 5.6 metres long. Weight: 350 kg.

The StormLite® Detention Tank was easily handled on site during installation by the A.J. Tutill & Sons Ltd HIAB truck. The tank was lowered into position using a single strop. Try doing that with a concrete tank of similar size. See our article concrete vs. plastic for more information.

Contact APD during the design phase of your next project to discuss your requirements.

Creative Solutions to as Steep Problem

When original plans included tanks that would be too long to be safely transported, and buried so deep there was risk of tank damage, APD had the right solution. Nga Tapuwae School needed to detain up to 80,000L of storm water but the site they had available was long and narrow with a very steep slope.

Our Task

APD were asked to provide tanks for the school but there were two issues:

Our Solution

The best answer was to build four 18m long tanks and connect them onsite using an electrofusion join to become two 36m tanks.
This would make it far easier to transport to site and would ensure safety of the tank when being raised and placed into the ground. One of the tanks was designed to have additional external strengthening to withstand the ground pressure at the deeper depth. A concrete manhole was installed above the manway access to the deeper tank. We worked closely with the drainage contractors throughout the installation. This solution was far more efficient than welding an entire tank onsite or constructing a concrete tank.

Side View


The original engineer had designed something that met the technical requirements but APD were able to give a practical perspective that ended up saving costs and time on site.

A modular rectangular underground tank – StormLite®

There was no easy to use off-the-shelf tank that could meet the requirements for this site. QDC Works Limited needed to be able to detain 3,000L of storm water as part of their project but because of site restrictions they needed a tank less than 500mm high, buried 1.6m underground.

Our Task

APD were approached to provide a cylindrical style StormLite© tank for this project but because of the depth of cover required and tight constraints on the tank height, this wouldn’t work.
We needed to deliver a tank inherently strong enough to withstand the load resulting from 1.6m depth of cover that was less than 500mm high. Like our other tanks it had to be optimised to contain the volume required while keeping the tank as small as possible; minimising the cost.

Our Solution

StormLite® with its modular design that can be easily scaled up or down to suit a residential or commercial site. Rectangular in shape to optimise water capacity in the space available the StormLite3 with its unique design can withstand the pressures of increased soil cover and/or heavy traffic loads. The tank was fabricated and available within 15 days.

What makes StormLite® stand out is that, unlike any other modular tank solution on the market, it is delivered to site pre-assembled and ready to go straight into the ground.

Why does APD pre-assemble?

Modular systems are typically built on site and wrapped in layers of geofabrics and a membrane. APD Stormlite3 tanks have a 25 year design life and are pre-assembled undercover in our production facility regardless of the weather conditions to:


Everything was fabricated and delivered for QDC on time and on budget providing a solution with:

Meaning QDC received a practical, cost effective solution that they know they can rely on to drain storm water safely for years to come.