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Neil Prime

I am proud to have been part of APD’s huge change and growth since I came on board in 2010. Every year we develop innovative new products and our team continues to grow quickly to satisfy the demand for our award winning tanks. We will soon be rebuilding our offices to accommodate our increasing numbers and to create comfortable spaces for all our staff to enjoy their break time. We have big plans for our factory too, including some exciting new machinery. None of APD’s success would be possible without our talented people. Our team includes many different skills such as innovative Engineers who bring to life the solutions that the market need, Customer Service Representatives who ensure our customers keep coming back, and our skilled Fabricators who maintain our reputation for quality every time. Keeping our team happy continues to be a big focus and APD invest time and energy to ensure that our people want to keep working at APD. I am especially proud of the fact that so many of our new team members have been referred by existing staff. This is a reflection of our friendly and supportive environment, our company values, development opportunities, and the rewards and benefits we offer our people.

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