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Process Tank Solutions

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Our PP, PVC and PVDF open topped rectangular tanks are prefered by many in the metal finishing industry. The majority of our Process Tanks consist of a solid polypropylene shell reinforced with steel. This construction is suitable for almost all metal finishing Process Tanks. Polypropylene is resistant to most corrosives, is tough and strong and welds easily.

Designed and constructed to the DVS 2205 and BS EN 12573 Engineering Standards, these tanks offer many years of trouble free operation and are more easily modified, or repaired, than more traditional styles of tank. Traditionally Dual Laminate Tanks have been used in the electroplating industry, but because of cost, Dual Laminate is now only used where a PVC, or PVDF liner is required for corrosion resistance, for example chromic or chromo-sulphuric acid tanks.

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