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IBC Bunds

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APD’s new IBC bunds are the fastest and simplest way to ensure your IBC’s are located in a bund designed to meet the Secondary Containment Systems HSNOCOP-47. Our IBC bunds are available as either a single bund or a double bund which is particularly useful when storing multiple IBC bunds of the same or compatible chemicals. If you need something a little different, we can offer a single bund with day tank set up configured to your particular requirements.

Where else will you find the following benefits?

  • Designed for chemicals with an SG of up to 2.0.
  • Design life of 25 yrs.
  • All plastic construction so no chance of a corroding metal support structure.
  • Meets Secondary Containment System requirements for bund capacity and splash angle.
  • Seismically rated for New Zealand conditions.
  • Optional covers available to ensure rainwater can be kept out.
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  • Multiple configurations available including Single IBC Bunds, Single IBC Bund with Day tank, Double IBC Bunds and Double IBC Bund with day tank.


  • Simplest way to full compliance.
  • Single or double bunds.
  • Seismically rated.
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