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IBC Bunds

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Our standard IBC bunds are seismically rated to IL2 for NZ conditions.

Ensure spill control and containment of hazardous chemical leaks with our IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) bunds, designed to meet all New Zealand HSNO and seismic requirements.

Strong and Long Lasting

Fabricated from a Polyethylene design, all of our IBC bunds have a maintenance and worry free 25 year design life and come with a 10 year guarantee.

Get the Right Solution for You

Choose from our single or double IBC bunds. All of our bunds can be supplied with rain covers. Our bunds are designed to be portable, so the IBCs can be moved with a fork hoist, allowing for quick and easy relocation as required.

Sophisticated Design That Keeps You Productive


Easy access to IBCs for less down time and a straight forward process to replace them, saving you time and money. We also have options to include taps and valves to increase ease of use.


All of our bunds are rust, leak, crack, and shock resistant. By using Polyethylene and applying our design expertise, your IBC bunds will stay stronger and last longer.

Looking For Something To Meet Your Specific Requirements?

Custom Design

We build to your exact specifications, if it is pipework, instrument panels, pump mounts or anything else you need. Let us design something to suit your needs.

Bund and Day Tank Options

Our single and double bund with day tank options allow for complete configuration to meet your needs. Both sizes can come complete with 50L and 100L day tanks to suit your needs. You may also need level monitoring and alarms, pump mounts and valving all set up to suit your process. This allows the IBC to be changed without affecting your processes or the risk of damaging your equipment.

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