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Ecolab HazSure® Process Mix Tanks


This project was carried out for Ecolab New Zealand for their Te Rapa Plant. The purpose of this project was to upgrade their plant equipment allowing them to manufacture a new product in house.

The scope of the project required Ecolab to have two HDPE HazSure® Plain Tanks with Conical Bases and Mixing Baffles, allowing them to manufacture their finished product solutions in the tanks and then completely empty the tanks after manufacturing. The tanks are mounted on stands to allow for piping to connect to the lowest outlet nozzle.


APD was also contracted to carry out the design for the pipework layout for these tanks.

The pipework layout incorporated equipment such as Pumps, Static and Eductor type Mixers and Surge Dischargers in the line to allow for an adequate chemical mixing. The pipework and equipment was mounted on a stand to keep it off the floor.


  • Custom design.
  • Custom pipework.
  • Specialist mixers and dischargers.
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