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StormLite3® Detention/Retention

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StormLite3® – Modular Solutions, for when it has to fit

Next level underground tank technology is here.

When your retention or detention tank has to fit underground, either very deep, in a shallow space, and/or for vehicles to drive over, APD’s StormLite3® has your ideal solution. Its unique modular rectangle system is extremely durable and watertight, using the same reliable 6mm polyethylene sheet that is used on our hazardous-rated chemical tanks. Installation has never been this easy, arriving on-site complete and ready-to-go. All you have to do is specify your requirements, then fill-in over the top of the highly durable delivered tank.

When you need underground stormwater detention or retention but are constrained by:

  • Limited vertical depth to stormwater discharge point.
  • Requirement for deep burial (up to 2m cover).
  • Limited space that needs to store a large volume of water.

Our newest Tank Solution StormLite3® does it all with its unique APD design.


Designed to support loads up to 28 tonnes/sqm.

Solutions strong enough to support up to 2m of ground cover and/or withstand heavy traffic loads, so long as the overall 28 tonnes/sqm load limit is not exceeded.

Protective exterior shell for a solution that lasts

As New Zealand’s leading plastic tank fabricators we know what it takes to make a robust tank shell.

We’ve combined our expertise and high quality materials to produce a 6mm thick shell that securely holds the modular tank elements together and is over 7x the thickness of the protective layer used by other modular systems. Every weld on every tank is leak tested during production.

Arrives pre-assembled

So it can be installed quickly and safely, our StormLite3® tank is delivered complete with spigots for an inlet and vent pipe ready to connect to a manhole.

Tanks are supplied with lifting lugs, to simplify handling on site.

Fast installation saves costly additional man hours on site, keeping the time spent in the excavation site to a minimum; making for a safer and efficient work environment.

Configuration Options

Minimum Tank Height: 458mm (1 Module)
Maximum Tank Height: 2150mm (5 Modules)
Maximum Buried Depth: 3m from base of tank
Maximum Cover Over Top of Tank: 2m
Maximum Tank Width: Approx. 4500mm (Requires Special Transport)

Maximum Tank Length is dependent on the height and width. Please contact APD for advice.

Minimum Cover to Finished Ground Level:
Non-Trafficable Install: 300mm
Driveway/Trafficable Install: 600mm

Manhole chamber and silt trap for drainage

The StormLite3® tank must be connected to a manhole chamber as per the diagram, to limit silt intake into the tank and as a connection point for all inlets, overflow and orifice/outlet.

Modular tanks

Modular tanks that fit any environment and give you the flexibility you need.

The internal structure of StormLite3® is composed of ProTank modules, arranged to utilise space effectively, fitting your volume requirements and site layout.

ProTank modules have a void space ratio of 0.95 and lock together vertically, up to 5 high, and pack together horizontally to form the shape of the tank.

Connecting spigots & inspection ports

Standard with all StormLite3® tanks are a tank connection spigot and a vent spigot for connection of the tank to a manhole chamber as shown in the illustration above.

Add on options are:

  • Additional connection spigots at the standard pipe diameters up to 300mm (315mm OD).
  • Inspection ports up to 150mm diameter (160mm OD).

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