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StormSlab® Detention/Retention

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Underfloor Peace of Mind.

The APD StormSlab® is a versatile system for restrictive sites!

StormSlab® is an innovative stormwater detention and retention system designed to manage rainwater and stormwater when site restrictions mean that our market-leading StormLite® underground detention and retention solutions cannot be used. These restrictions are usually due to a lack of space and/or insufficient fall to the public stormwater system on the site.

Compatible with APD’s range of solutions

Our StormSlab® system can be coupled with the APD RainWorx® rain harvesting below ground application for water reuse, while the APD StormSlab® Distribution Chamber can also be used as a pump station (including three wallace seals, a 100mm PVC cap, and mesh).



  • No connections between StormSlabs under the slab.
  • Multiple StormSlab sizes to suit any site or design.
  • PS1 for engineered residential slab designs available.
  • All StormSlabs are 1100mm wide to match standard pod configurations.
  • Manufactured from water tank grade PE material suitable for below ground installation.
  • Designed and made in New Zealand for local conditions.
  • 300mm deep for extra storage.
  • 220mm deep to match polystyrene pods.
  • Garden & pavement (Ductile Iron) lids available for the Distribution Chamber.

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