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StormLite® Detention/Retention

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Stormwater Detention & Retention Solutions

Make the affordable choice, with made to order economy.

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StormLite® cylindrical tanks are made to order and delivery is normally within 3 – 5 days.

APD can supply PS1 documentation and project specific producer statements on request.

StormLite® – The economical choice, made light and strong.

At around 250 kilograms, a 5000 litre StormLite® water tank is a mere fraction of the weight of concrete tanks. This means it can be moved around site with only a small digger. Designed strong, StormLite® can go under driveways, carparks, and grass. Tell us your volume requirement, and our make-to-order service will ensure your StormLite® tank adheres to Council regulations, while making your drainlayer’s job a breeze. Make the affordable choice, with made to order economy.


Our design keeps the tank outlet level with the tank invert, and tank overflow level with the crown, giving you maximum volume of the tank is used while still meeting council regulations.

The installation is very easy, tanks are supplied complete ready to install. A Silt Trap replaces the separate chamber that might otherwise be required and where storm water retention is called for, it doubles as a pump sump. See our Rain Harvesting Systems.

Volume is customised for your site – 1m3 to 30m3 (1,000 to 30,000 Litres) and each tank is made to order to the volume specified by council.

You don’t pay for, or install more tank than you require.

Available in 4 diameters – 645mm, 800mm, 1000mm and 1200mm.

Lengths are calculated to provide specific volumes and tanks are made from tough environmentally friendly polyethylene (PE). This material never rots or corrodes and is easy to handle. All fittings are supplied – including seals, outlet end cap to drill orifice in, and leaf trap/screen.

  • Access included – all tanks are supplied with a 600mm diameter man way riser.
  • Plastic Lids available – suitable for garden & lawn areas.
  • Standard 600mm opening Ductile Iron covers are available for use in traffic, patio or driveway areas.

StormLite® Rectangular – Above Ground Detention/ Retention Tanks.

Where space and or fall are an issue we recommend StormSlim® above ground tanks or our StormSlab® in slab tank. Above ground Rectangular tanks are also available from APD for those projects where standard detention tanks just won’t work. Great for placing under houses and decks, these tanks can be custom made to fit between piles and structural supports. Tanks can be partly buried if required.

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