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Flexibility In Design For Storm Water, & Grey & Black Water Systems

A pumping station from APD can provide your ideal solution, thanks to our flexible system design. We start with a range of pumps, including grinder and vortex pumps that will meet your exact flow and pressure requirements. If your design, for instance, calls for two pumps, or a specific brand of pump – no problem. The standard robust, lightweight polyethylene tank volumes are 700 and 1,000 litres, plus we can also make any size you need. Finally, we provide a pump controller that includes a high level alarm, and built-in overload protection.

Get more flexibility when designing your pumping station, call APD on (09) 263 7741.

Commercial & Custom applications available

Looking for something a little different? APD offers customised solutions too, which may include large volumes and multiple / high spec pump options. APD’s tanks can be built to any size and by installing our commercial pump controllers you can accommodate complex requirements while staying in control of your building’s needs. If you are building a kindergarten, office space or large commercial or community building, APD has the ideal solution for your needs.

Standard APD Controller IP64

Suitable for individual households

Commercial APD Controller

Suitable for sites with multiple tanks

All standard controller features PLUS

Flexible Options, Straightforward Maintenance

The type of tank we use allows flexible installation options, meaning we can choose the pump and controller to best suit your needs. Internal components are easy to remove including pump, level sensing systems and motor controls. These components combined create one of the easiest to service and maintain units on the market, freeing you up to get back to focusing on what matters – enjoying your home.

Easy installation

With APD pump stations there is no need to worry about your tank rising out of the ground in soggy conditions thanks to the Anti Buoyancy foot that comes as standard with each tank. Our unique design is a financially and environmentally friendly solution, eliminating the costly need for setting in concrete.

Robust, Solid Design

Based on our time-proven underground detention tank designs, this robust tank has been designed using FEA analysis to comply with ARMACOP 15 load requirements for polyethylene underground storage tanks. The tank has a large capacity which reduces pump cycling and wear providing a much greater buffer in the case of power failures or other issues. APD’s design allows the maximum output of waste from the tank.

The tank lid is all that can be seen above ground so there are no ugly landmarks and you can utilise more of your garden area. At the same time the tanks are protected from damage from the elements.

StormLite® Detention/Retention

Stormwater Detention & Retention Solutions

Make the affordable choice, with made to order economy.

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StormLite® cylindrical tanks are made to order and delivery is normally within 3 – 5 days.

APD can supply PS1 documentation and project specific producer statements on request.

StormLite® – The economical choice, made light and strong.

At around 250 kilograms, a 5000 litre StormLite® water tank is a mere fraction of the weight of concrete tanks. This means it can be moved around site with only a small digger. Designed strong, StormLite® can go under driveways, carparks, and grass. Tell us your volume requirement, and our make-to-order service will ensure your StormLite® tank adheres to Council regulations, while making your drainlayer’s job a breeze. Make the affordable choice, with made to order economy.


Our design keeps the tank outlet level with the tank invert, and tank overflow level with the crown, giving you maximum volume of the tank is used while still meeting council regulations.

The installation is very easy, tanks are supplied complete ready to install. A Silt Trap replaces the separate chamber that might otherwise be required and where storm water retention is called for, it doubles as a pump sump. See our Rain Harvesting Systems.

Volume is customised for your site – 1m3 to 30m3 (1,000 to 30,000 Litres) and each tank is made to order to the volume specified by council.

You don’t pay for, or install more tank than you require.

Available in 4 diameters – 645mm, 800mm, 1000mm and 1200mm.

Lengths are calculated to provide specific volumes and tanks are made from tough environmentally friendly polyethylene (PE). This material never rots or corrodes and is easy to handle. All fittings are supplied – including seals, outlet end cap to drill orifice in, and leaf trap/screen.

StormLite® Rectangular – Above Ground Detention/ Retention Tanks.

Where space and or fall are an issue we recommend StormSlim® above ground tanks or our StormSlab® in slab tank. Above ground Rectangular tanks are also available from APD for those projects where standard detention tanks just won’t work. Great for placing under houses and decks, these tanks can be custom made to fit between piles and structural supports. Tanks can be partly buried if required.

StormLite3® Detention/Retention

StormLite3® – Modular Solutions, for when it has to fit

Next level underground tank technology is here.

When your retention or detention tank has to fit underground, either very deep, in a shallow space, and/or for vehicles to drive over, APD’s StormLite3® has your ideal solution. Its unique modular rectangle system is extremely durable and watertight, using the same reliable 6mm polyethylene sheet that is used on our hazardous-rated chemical tanks. Installation has never been this easy, arriving on-site complete and ready-to-go. All you have to do is specify your requirements, then fill-in over the top of the highly durable delivered tank.

When you need underground stormwater detention or retention but are constrained by:

Our newest Tank Solution StormLite3® does it all with its unique APD design.


Designed to support loads up to 28 tonnes/sqm.

Solutions strong enough to support up to 2m of ground cover and/or withstand heavy traffic loads, so long as the overall 28 tonnes/sqm load limit is not exceeded.

Protective exterior shell for a solution that lasts

As New Zealand’s leading plastic tank fabricators we know what it takes to make a robust tank shell.

We’ve combined our expertise and high quality materials to produce a 6mm thick shell that securely holds the modular tank elements together and is over 7x the thickness of the protective layer used by other modular systems. Every weld on every tank is leak tested during production.

Arrives pre-assembled

So it can be installed quickly and safely, our StormLite3® tank is delivered complete with spigots for an inlet and vent pipe ready to connect to a manhole.

Tanks are supplied with lifting lugs, to simplify handling on site.

Fast installation saves costly additional man hours on site, keeping the time spent in the excavation site to a minimum; making for a safer and efficient work environment.

Configuration Options

Minimum Tank Height: 458mm (1 Module)
Maximum Tank Height: 2150mm (5 Modules)
Maximum Buried Depth: 3m from base of tank
Maximum Cover Over Top of Tank: 2m
Maximum Tank Width: Approx. 4500mm (Requires Special Transport)

Maximum Tank Length is dependent on the height and width. Please contact APD for advice.

Minimum Cover to Finished Ground Level:
Non-Trafficable Install: 300mm
Driveway/Trafficable Install: 600mm

Manhole chamber and silt trap for drainage

The StormLite3® tank must be connected to a manhole chamber as per the diagram, to limit silt intake into the tank and as a connection point for all inlets, overflow and orifice/outlet.

Modular tanks

Modular tanks that fit any environment and give you the flexibility you need.

The internal structure of StormLite3® is composed of ProTank modules, arranged to utilise space effectively, fitting your volume requirements and site layout.

ProTank modules have a void space ratio of 0.95 and lock together vertically, up to 5 high, and pack together horizontally to form the shape of the tank.

Connecting spigots & inspection ports

Standard with all StormLite3® tanks are a tank connection spigot and a vent spigot for connection of the tank to a manhole chamber as shown in the illustration above.

Add on options are:

StormSlab® Detention/Retention

Underfloor Peace of Mind.

The APD StormSlab® is a versatile system for restrictive sites!

StormSlab® is an innovative stormwater detention and retention system designed to manage rainwater and stormwater when site restrictions mean that our market-leading StormLite® underground detention and retention solutions cannot be used. These restrictions are usually due to a lack of space and/or insufficient fall to the public stormwater system on the site.

Compatible with APD’s range of solutions

Our StormSlab® system can be coupled with the APD RainWorx® rain harvesting below ground application for water reuse, while the APD StormSlab® Distribution Chamber can also be used as a pump station (including three wallace seals, a 100mm PVC cap, and mesh).



StormSlim® Detention/Retention

Compact Stormwater Detention & Retention

The APD StormSlim® System is the perfect above ground tank option for compact spaces!

StormSlim® is an innovative stormwater detention and retention system designed to manage your rainwater and stormwater when outdoor space is at a premium. StormSlim®’s compact dimensions and height means you can maximise the use of the outdoor space available without the visual impact of unsightly tanks. Designed to effortlessly and elegantly fit in with the exterior of your home whether
retrofitting or a new build.

Designed to suit your home

APD’s StormSlim® tanks come in a variety of designer colours to perfectly match or complement your home. Whether you choose to match the tank colour to your house or fence, or opt for a bright pop of colour as a design feature, there’s a colour option to suit.

Concealed and out of sight

Prefer to conceal your tank? APD’s StormSlim® tanks can be housed in cladding or fencing by simply fixing framework to the galvanised support frames. Ask us about our optional framing kit to allow concealing the ends of the tank. The 2000, 3000, and 5000 litre StormSlim® tanks also come with a recessed end to help conceal the pipework.

Choose from a range of colours!

Standard colours:

Additional colours are available, made to order. Standard lead times and charges apply. Please contact us to find out more.


RainWorx® Rain Harvesting

Rainharvesting Solutions

You’ll never run out of water, using APD’s smart RainWorx® system. It automatically switches to mains supply once storage levels become low enough, or when there is a power cut. This unique system comes in a ready-to-go package, with options to suit above and below ground tanks – we’ll even provide a template for the plumber and electrician for a simple installation. Start using free water. Get the easy, complete system from APD now on (09) 263 7741.

RainWorx® System Packages

RainWorx® for StormLite® Underground Tanks

Whether you have a modern urban home or a classic villa, whatever your needs, we have the right solution for you. APD RainWorx® systems for StormLite® underground tanks include pre-fitted internal pipework and pump platform, plus submersible pump and wall mounted RainWorx® cabinet.

APD’s Exclusive Tank Design Comes with

The RainWorx® Range Gives You:

Complete Package

Along with the StormLite®, StormSlim®, and StormSlab® tanks, we supply the pumps, controllers, pipe work and covers ready to connect to your plumbing and to integrate with the public water supply.

Quality Parts

We are NZ’s leading plastic tank fabricators, providing the highest quality. All our tanks come with a design life of 25 years and our quality tank design offers long term peace of mind with maximised service life for all parts.

Efficient and Intelligent System

APD RainWorx® Systems automatically switch to mains pressure water if the retention tank is empty or if mains power fails. Our unique tank design means 100% of the tank capacity is used while still meeting council requirements.

Flexible Options

Every household’s needs are unique and because our tanks are made to order you can have the right set up. You only pay for what you need.

Ready When you Want it

Made to order in just 2-5 days.

Choose from a range of colours!

Standard colours:

Additional colours are available, made to order. Standard lead times and charges apply. Please contact us to find out more.

StormPit® Surface Water Sumps

Surface Water Sumps

Why use heavy, difficult concrete sumps when you can use a New Zealand building code compliant sump and make your job easier!

APD’s StormPit® range of sumps and chambers offer more than just compliance to NZBC E1 – we have designed additional features to benefit the installer onsite and ensure long-term trouble-free use.

StormPit® Type Two

Lightweight, and made in New Zealand from durable recyclable polyethylene, APD’s StormPit® Type Two sumps are available with circular and rectangular (flat or concave) grates to best suit your site.

StormPit® Bubble Up

The APD StormPit® Bubble Up Chamber is designed to meet all the NZBC requirements, making your job faster and easier!

StormPit® Type One

NZBC E1 Type One compliant sumps are required to have:

Additional features:

StormPit® 250

Like its big brother, our 250mm version is easier, faster, and improved!