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StormSlim® Detention/Retention

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Compact Stormwater Detention & Retention

The APD StormSlim® System is the perfect above ground tank option for compact spaces!

StormSlim® is an innovative stormwater detention and retention system designed to manage your rainwater and stormwater when outdoor space is at a premium. StormSlim®’s compact dimensions and height means you can maximise the use of the outdoor space available without the visual impact of unsightly tanks. Designed to effortlessly and elegantly fit in with the exterior of your home whether
retrofitting or a new build.

Designed to suit your home

APD’s StormSlim® tanks come in a variety of designer colours to perfectly match or complement your home. Whether you choose to match the tank colour to your house or fence, or opt for a bright pop of colour as a design feature, there’s a colour option to suit.

Concealed and out of sight

Prefer to conceal your tank? APD’s StormSlim® tanks can be housed in cladding or fencing by simply fixing framework to the galvanised support frames. Ask us about our optional framing kit to allow concealing the ends of the tank. The 2000, 3000, and 5000 litre StormSlim® tanks also come with a recessed end to help conceal the pipework.

Choose from a range of colours!

Standard colours:

Additional colours are available, made to order. Standard lead times and charges apply. Please contact us to find out more.


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