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HazSure 20,000L Self Bunded Tanks


APD recently designed and fabricated two HazSure 20,000L self-Bunded tanks for Balance Agri Nutrients. Both chemical tanks were specifically designed to meet the requirements to store Hydro-Fluoro Silicic Acid with a design life of 25 years. These tanks were fabricated from HDPE. APD uses PE100 black pigmented sheet which is specifically designed for long term UV exposure and chemical resistance.


The tanks were designed and fabricated in accordance to BS EN12573, EN1778 and our COP 4-3. On completion the tanks and bunds were hydrostatically tested for leaks before final assembly.

APD selfbunded tanks consist of a unique compact double wall design which prevents rainwater from entering the bund.


  • Fabricated from HDPE.
  • Self bunded.
  • Compact double wall design.
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