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Parker Hannifin Chem Waste/Rinse Tanks


This project was a combination of open top rectangular Process Tanks, Chemical Waste and Rinse Tanks to fit under a series of open top rectangular Process Tanks.

Custom Specification

The Tanks were designed in accordance with the BS EN12573 standard for rectangular tanks and were built in polyproylene. A pressurised PVC Filter Housing was also designed and built to capture contaminates from the process.

So in total, two Process Tanks, and two Waste and Rinse Tanks were built as part of the project, with the largest tank being a tee shaped tank, with an overall length of 6.1 metres and 1.7 metres across the head of the tee.

All of these tanks were exported to Australia to be used in part of the upgraded Parker Hannifin manufacturing plant in Brisbane.


  • Chemical and rinse tanks.
  • Pressurised filter housing.
  • Export.
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