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When Gravity is an issue

Finding the perfect section of land in Auckland isn’t easy but APD’s DnP solution was able to help this family build their dream home on a not so perfect plot. A plumbing station was needed on a property situated down a steep driveway in Blockhouse Bay. It needed to be able to capture and remove up to 1,200L of waste water but gravity posed an issue.

Our Task

We were asked to provide a tank that could capture up to 1,200L of waste water from the house and pump it up hill to join with the council system located at road height. APD had worked with Max Plumbing before so they already knew we had the perfect solution.

Our Solution

The DnP waste water pump – an underground tank and pump that would provide everything required. The reasons they chose this solution were:

DnP is made of PE which has a longer lifespan than concrete solutions

  • It can be delivered to site within 7-14 days of ordering.
  • By burying the tank underground the families outside views and garden were unobstructed.
  • Our specialised Anti-Buoyancy tank design means no concrete is required; saving precious time during installation.
  • Our tanks arrive ready to “plug in and play”.

Plug in and Play

Right from the beginning our team listens to your needs and requirements before building the tank to order. By the time it gets to site it is ready to into the ground and connect up to the properties waste water system. Leading to a straight forward, time saving installation without messy concrete or complicated instructions. Don’t worry if you do get stuck though, our helpful team are available to support you if you need it.


  • The homeowners received the most cost effective solution.
  • Which was also the most long lasting solution.
  • With stress free installation.
  • Giving them and Max Plumbing peace of mind.

Meaning that they were able to build their dream home on a peace of land that otherwise would have struggled to support the plumbing requirements of a family home.


  • 1200 litre capacity.
  • Uphill pumping.
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