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Rainworx Rain Harvesting

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Rainharvesting Solutions

You’ll never run out of water using APD’s smart RainWorx® system. Holding between 2000 – 3000L of free rainwater, it automatically switches to mains supply once the level becomes low enough, or when there is a power cut. This unique system comes in a ready-to-go package, with the option to house the pump inside the tank, and we’ll even mark where the plumber and electrician do the simple installation.
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The APD RainWorx System will harvest and recycle your valuable rainwater for toilets, washing clothes, watering the garden and washing your car. All APD RainWorx Systems include a 1200mm, 1000mm or 800mm diameter StormLite Tank with all internal pipe work completed with your choice of submersible or surface mounted pump system.

  • Elevated pump platform to ensure no pump damage from pumping silt.
  • Non return valve to keep pump primed with no air in the line.
  • All internal pipe work pre-fitted and designed for easy removal of pump if needed.
  • APD Rainworx Systems include pumps and controllers that switch to mains pressure water, if the retention tank is dry, or if main power fails.
  • All sized to meet your requirements and ready to connect to your plumbing.


  • Harvest and recycle valuable rainwater
  • Submersible or surface mounted pumps
  • Pumps and controllers
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