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Detention Tanks Anti-Float Pads


APD can fit Anti-Float Pads to Detention Tanks on request. In situations where installation may be difficult, or there is a risk of ground-water levels rising faster than Storm water Detention Tanks may fill with water, then APD will fit Anti-Float Pads to Storm water Detention Tanks during manufacture, if the customer orders them.

Anti-Float Pads fitted to Storm water Detention Tanks are not a substitute for correct installation procedure.


Adequate drainage around the detention tanks may still be required even when Anti-Float Pads are fitted. Anti-Float Pads are an added security against Detention Tanks “popping” out of the ground, during events that cause unusual ground water conditions.

Originally developed by APD for one of our drainage contractors, Anti-Float Pads are now available to anyone ordering Storm water Detention Tanks. Contact APD for more information.


  • Custom modification, anti-float pads.
  • Available to order.
  • Added security agains tanks “popping” out of the ground.
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