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StormLite® matched pair Detention Tanks for Taupiri Development


The Taupiri Development Project required that Storm water Detention Tanks be installed to detain storm water draining from the carpark area, prior to controlled discharge to the local stream. The Detention Tank design agreed on, was to have two underground Detention Tanks joined together to create a combined volume of 16.5 cubic metres (16,500 Litres) of storm water detention.


The StormLite® Storm water Detention Tanks were manufactured by APD as a matched pair, with built in 250mm outer diameter spigots to allow easy connection of the tanks during installation by Comins Plumbing & Gas Ltd. The Storm water Detention Tanks were each 10.8metres long and easily handled on site during installation, by a small digger.

To cope with the potential storm water flow, a 250mm outer diameter inlet spigot was added. Holes were pre-cut for overflow and outlet pipes and a pre-drilled orifice cap was supplied to minimise installation time on site. Contact APD during the design phase of your next project to discuss your requirements.


  • Controlled discharge retention.
  • Two tanks combined.
  • Custom design.
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