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A modular rectangular underground tank – StormLite®

There was no easy to use off-the-shelf tank that could meet the requirements for this site. QDC Works Limited needed to be able to detain 3,000L of storm water as part of their project but because of site restrictions they needed a tank less than 500mm high, buried 1.6m underground.

Our Task

APD were approached to provide a cylindrical style StormLite© tank for this project but because of the depth of cover required and tight constraints on the tank height, this wouldn’t work.
We needed to deliver a tank inherently strong enough to withstand the load resulting from 1.6m depth of cover that was less than 500mm high. Like our other tanks it had to be optimised to contain the volume required while keeping the tank as small as possible; minimising the cost.

Our Solution

StormLite® with its modular design that can be easily scaled up or down to suit a residential or commercial site. Rectangular in shape to optimise water capacity in the space available the StormLite3 with its unique design can withstand the pressures of increased soil cover and/or heavy traffic loads. The tank was fabricated and available within 15 days.

What makes StormLite® stand out is that, unlike any other modular tank solution on the market, it is delivered to site pre-assembled and ready to go straight into the ground.

Why does APD pre-assemble?

Modular systems are typically built on site and wrapped in layers of geofabrics and a membrane. APD Stormlite3 tanks have a 25 year design life and are pre-assembled undercover in our production facility regardless of the weather conditions to:

  • Separate tank construction from installation saving you time on site.
  • Allow APD to form the sub-surface drainage modules into a tank for ease of handling on site.
  • Fit connection pipes and leak test the tanks so they are fit for purpose.
  • Eliminate the need for geofabrics and membranes by replacing them with a 6mm thick durable outer shell that won’t tear or be punctured over its lifetime.
  • Delivery is timed to fit your schedule so you have peace of mind knowing that a robust tank will arrive at site on time for a quick installation.


Everything was fabricated and delivered for QDC on time and on budget providing a solution with:

  • A tank height to match requirements.
  • Structure built to withstand the required depth of cover (1.6m).
  • A short installation time that saved on site costs and reduced the amount of time installers spent inside the 2m deep excavation.

Meaning QDC received a practical, cost effective solution that they know they can rely on to drain storm water safely for years to come.


  • No off the shelf solution available.
  • Height restrictions.
  • Cylindrical tank required but not practical.
  • Custom build required to exacting strength requirements.
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