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StormLite® Detention Tank for Sunnynook Park Development


The Sunnynook Park Development project required the establishment of new toilet blocks adjacent to the carpark in Sunnynook Road, with rainwater being collected and then reused for flushing toilets in the new toilet block.


A 6150 Litre APD StormLite® storm water tank was selected and installed by Wiltek Maintenance Ltd to retain the storm water until required.

To meet site requirements, the Storm Water tank was manufactured by APD from polyethylene to the following dimensions: 1 metre diameter by 5.6 metres long. Weight: 350 kg.

The StormLite® Detention Tank was easily handled on site during installation by the A.J. Tutill & Sons Ltd HIAB truck. The tank was lowered into position using a single strop. Try doing that with a concrete tank of similar size. See our article concrete vs. plastic for more information.

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  • Residential development.
  • Advantages over concrete tanks.
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