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It’s easy to find your ideal tank solution at APD.

Make finding your tank requirements easy, by making use of APD’s helpful technical support. By asking about your specific needs, we’ll find the solution that’s perfect just for you. APD’s range of Tank and System solutions for above and below grounds will ensure whatever your requirement, whether it’s for Stormwater Detention, Rainwater Harvesting or Chemical Storage and Bunding, you can be sure you’ll find exactly what you need right here.

The APD product range includes:

  • Underground Water Retention/ Detention Systems.
  • Above Ground Water Retention/Detention Systems.
  • Surface Water Sumps.
  • Rain Harvesting Systems.
  • Chemical Storage Tanks.
  • Open Top Process Tanks.
  • Boat and RV Tanks.
  • HVAC Ducting suitable for chemical applications and council swimming pool environments.
  • Piping Systems for chemical, water and waste water plants.

StormLite Detention/Retention

Residential, Commercial

StormSlim® Detention/Retention


StormSlab Detention/Retention

StormLite3 Detention/Retention

Commercial, Residential

StormPit Surface Water Sumps


RainWorx Rain Harvesting


WasteWorx/StormWorx Pumping Stations

Commercial, Residential

HazSure Chemical Storage

Industrial, Municipal

IBC Bunds

Industrial, Municipal

Process Tank Solutions


Custom Design

Residential, Industrial, Marine & Recreation